Joint ECR - TISPOL seminar Münster

Second joint ECR-TISPOL annual seminar successful!

Scene of the action:
Deutsche Hochschule der Polizei
Münster-Hiltrup Germany

From 1 until 5 September staff members from traffic police forces from 22 European countries and traffic inspectors from 7 countries gathered for the second time at the Deutsche Hochschule der Polizei at Münster-Hiltrup.

Wednesday afternoon the ECR participants were invited to a roadside check in the vicinity of Münster hosted by the German BAG and the Austrian BAV. The roadside check was focused on technical vehicle aspects and demonstrated the excellent bilateral cooperation between the two ECR- members; Austria and Germany. The BAV equipment deployed at the check site was in use by both BAG and BAV staff. The results of the enforcement action revealed that about 50% of the checked vehicles had technical defects. The close cooperation and professionalism of the BAV and BAG enforcement staff were very much appreciated by the ECR participants and resulted in an informative afternoon.

The ECR- participants joined their police colleagues on Thursday the 4th of September for a lecture and practical cases on tachograph fraud and manipulation. Tachograph fraud appeared to be a major concern amongst the participants, although no one was capable to quantify the phenomenom. The enthusiasm and drive of the participants was remarkable and a source of inspiration for the speakers and facilitators of this session. It also showed that there is still a lot to learn about this topic, as well there is to share the rare available knowledge in Europe. The work of the ECR – TISPOL Tacho Web working Group was well received and the digital fraud book is a useful and handy tool in the fight against fraud and manipulation with tachographs and speed limiters. The conclusion at the end of the day was, that there is a strong demand for training related to this issue.

All the credits of this successful day go to the participants and the members of the TWG working group. Especially I would like to thank Cor Wildeman (IVW/NL) and Martin Bonthuis (KLPD/NL) for their contribution and effort.

Gerard Schipper

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