Expert Panel for DG MOVE Impact Assessment on Recording Equipment in Road Transport

In the context of review of the legislation on recording equipment in road transport, UK consultancy Europe Economics has been commissioned by DG Move to support the revision of Regulation (EEC) n° 3821/85

In particular, the newly revised legislation should:

• Reduce and minimise the administrative burden of the Regulation.
• Ensure sufficient flexibility in the Regulation to accommodate future technologies that may better ensure the security of the tachograph system (i.e. non-tampering) than present technologies; and
• Ensure, particularly in light of the Commission’s ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) Action Plan, that the Regulation enables integration between tachograph technology and important emerging ITS applications, e.g. e-tolling, goods tracking and tracing, smart parking, etc. The ITS Action Plan seeks to utilise these various Information Communication Technologies (ICT) to make transport safer, more secure, cleaner and more efficient.

The Expert Panel has been established due to the highly technical nature of some of the issues under consideration, and to also ensure that all interests and viewpoints are properly represented over the course of the impact assessment. To this end, Euro Contrôle Route (ECR) experts were invited to serve on the Expert Panel. The executive committee has already given written comments and input to the expert panel. A member of ECR’s Executive Committee will therefore support the UK consultancy in building the impact assessment and participate to a meeting to be held on 10 September 2010 in London (UK).

For more information, please contact the ECR Secretariat at

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