ECR-TISPOL and industry tackling problems together

During the 1st IRU/EU presidency road transport conference on December 1st 2010, the European Ministers of Transport , presided by State-secretary Etienne Schouppe (BE) under the Belgian EU presidency, adopted a joint statement on the need for public-private partnership in the field of road transport.
Amongst others the importance of a harmonised interpretation and enforcement of all EU rules was put forward.

For Euro Contrôle Route and TISPOL the importance of a constructive dialogue with the industry has always been clear. As a result both organisations decided to sign a declaration of intent with the IRU establishing a ‘public/private partnership for better regulatory compliance, greater roadsafety and security as well as a business friendly operating environment for commercial road transport’.The document was signed during the IRU’s Spring cocktail on March 2nd 2011.


IRU Secretary General, Martin Marmy, explained, “We will achieve this by working together towards establishing common approaches, harmonised legal interpretations, efficient enforcement procedures and improved training and education.”Addressing the guests, Member of the Executive Committee of ECR, Danny Drooghenbroodt, and TISPOL Director, Ad Hellemons, both highlighted that although the road transport sector and enforcement organisations have different roles and responsibilities, they pursue the same objective of achieving a safe and sustainable road transport, healthy and professional road transport companies working in a fair competition climate, as well as competent and skilled employees who are a key factor in respecting the rules.
All parties praised this new public private partnership as a prerequisite for good results, stressing that this declaration is the beginning of a new era of cooperation and listening to each other to perform better than when each actor operates on its own.

Read the Declaration of Intent.


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