ECR Exchange Timisoara

The Multilateral ECR Exchange was held from August 25th to 29th in Timisoara, Romania. This exchange was organized by the Romanian Road Transport Authority – ARR as part of the exchange programme of the Training Working Group within Euro Contrôle Route – ECR, and following the taking over of the ECR Presidency by Romania for the current year until June 2009.

The Exchange was planned as a unitary combining of its two levels, the practical aspect, supported by the theoretical one.

In theory, we offered our 18 colleagues an insight into the Romanian Road Transport Authority – ARR by presenting the principles of its functioning, with focus on the Road Inspectorate, and by striving to give them the insight of the main provisions embodied in the System of Sanctions and in the application of the Quality System by assuming the responsibilities and attributions derived from it. The presentations offered us the opportunity to reach a common point of view on the interpretation of the Guidance Notes of the European Commission regarding some provisions set up by the Regulations No 561/2006, No 3821/85 and Directive 2006/22.

In practice, our colleagues participated in roadside check, an opportunity to show the control procedures and the application of the Tachoscan Soft by our inspectors, and a good starting point for the debates which followed, focusing on sharing information on enforcement procedures and on the best ways to detect frauds in manipulating the digital tachograph.

In the beginning, the Multilateral Exchange set up clear-defined objectives, such as strengthening the consultation amongst all countries involved, and exchanging data and experiences on new technologies and current procedures. We were pleased to see, during the exchange, that all the participants learned to work together by a good communication and cooperation within the 3 working groups formed, and they all contributed to reducing the language barrier, thus achieving the training objectives set up initially and successfully identifying the main differences between the countries involved within the field of road transport.

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