Second EC conference on roadside technical checks and cargo securing

The second EC conference on cargo securing and roadside technical checks took place on October 4th and 5th in Dresden. The conference consisted of two sessions. Session one, an afternoon session focusing on roadside technical checks and in particular the evolutions planned by the EC in this field.
During the second session, on cargo securing, experts in the field from enforcement agencies, industry and the academic world respectively informed participants about best practices and challenges for enforcement staff. Afterwards participants were divided into groups and asked to discuss several topics such as (amongst others): would an electronic form be feasible, should the data collection form include the various areas of the road transport acquis, is a shortened form attesting that a cargo securing check took place of added value, what training is required for enforcement staff,…
When the groups delivered their conclusions it became clear that there is a clear need for:
1. harmonized legislation
2. harmonized control practices
3. harmonized training for enforcement staff
4. collaboration of enforcement and industry to reach all of the above
5. reduction of the administrative burden by creating one electronic form for the entire road side check (including all areas of enforcement)

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