Autumn regional action in Northeastern Hungary

The Transport Inspectorate of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén recently conducted a 3 days roadside check action with the cooperation of the National Transport Authority and neighbouring foreign partner authorities.
The action has been supported by the county police HQ’s transport division.

From 3rd to 5th September 2013 in the vicinity of Tornyosnémeti and Sátoraljaújhely (HU-SK borders) road transport experts from Austria (BMI - Federal Police), Romania (ISCTR), Serbia (Road Safety Agency and Ministry of Transport), Slovakia (NIP) as well as Ukraine (Zakarpatsk'ky Division of State Transport Inspectorate) carried out inspections together on the driving and resting times, technical conditions, ADR compliance of drivers, trucks in international traffic. 

68 vehicles in scope of the tachograh regulation have been inspected, among them 44 foreign and 24 Hungarian vehicles. Exceeding driving and resting times has been determined in one case, however in case 6 vehicles have the inspectors found devices, which were used to fraud and manipulate data recorded by the tachograph!  Most infringements – namely on 11 occasions - have been detected related to the technical conditions of the vehicles. In accordance with the applicable provisions confiscation of the vehicle registration book, invalidation of the technical exams, ordering of extraordinary technical inspection, imposing of fines on the spot (police) and initiation of administrative procedure (transport inspectorate) have all been used as sanctions. According to preliminary calculations the sum of the administrative fines to be imposed will be more than 3.5 millions HUF (around 11900 EUR).   

The work accomplished together has offered again a nice opportunity for the inspectors, experts to get acquainted with each other’s working methods in detection of faults, infringements.
It also provided the possibility to exchange their opinions about the differences stemming from the various interpretation of applicable community law.

Social programmes following the work days also contributed to introduce the participants to the natural beauty, historical heritage as well as to the intellectual and cultural richness of the county. 


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