Bulgaria hosted the Euro Controle Route meeting for the first time

Bulgaria hosted the first meeting of the Steering Committee of the Euro Controle Route (ECR) within the Bulgarian Presidency. The meeting was held on 26 and 27 November 2013 and was opened by the Executive Director of Executive Agency "Automobile Administration", Dimitar Ganev. Such a meeting was held in Bulgaria for the first time after its accession to the ECR in 2007.

Discussions on important issues related to the improvement of the control activity, exchange of information and good practices in order to increase safety and security on European roads and the harmonization of legislations of Member States in the field of road transport were held.

The topic of  the legal form of the ECR as a future European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation was discussed. The Road map autonomy of the organizationwas also unanimously adopted .

During the Forum, the Bulgarian side expressed its willingness to organize a conference in Bulgaria in June 2014 entitled "Bulgaria, EU external border - responsibility and challenge in the control of road transport".

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