Weigh in Motion Workshop

Within the context of an ever expanding road transport market and the financial constraints put on governments, there is a need for enforcement to look for the most efficient ways to deploy staff and resources. Technology, such as WIM systems, has an important role to play in that proces. Unfortunately there has been little contact between prodducers and end users on a European level. Both industry and enforcement think it vital that there is a clear picture of the possibilities of WIM technology as well as the needs of the end users. To this end Euro Contrôle Route and the ISWIM society organized the second edition of the Weigh In Motion workshop.

The workshop took place on March 26th at the Intertraffic fair at the  Amsterdam RAI conference centre.

During the workshop the following subjects were touched:

  • the current application and experiences with WIM systems for enforcement (United Kingdom and France)
  • the difficulties and requirements for setting up a WIM network (Hungary)
  • experiences with direct enforcement
  • current legal developments in EU legislation and the repurcussons for the use of WIM systems

Please find the list of participants here as well as the conclusions of the workshop.

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