Cross-border roadside check Pernštejn 2014

The truck drivers, who drove through the Pardubice region in the Czech Republic from 12th May to 15th May, noticed increased activities and more inspectors at the checkpoints than usual. This was caused the third multilateral joint road side check in this region, called “Pernštejn 2014”. Five colleagues from NKH Hungary and four from NIP Slovakia joined fifteen representatives from the MEJ (Mobile expert units) of CSPSD (Centre of services for road transport), which in cooperation with the police carry out the road side checks in the Czech Republic.

The road side checks during this event took place at seven checkpoints simultaneously in day or evening time, following the motto: “Complete check of every stopped vehicle.”

And what are the results? 137 vehicles were checked during four days. Thanks to our foreign colleagues as well, a lot of infringements were found :

- 5 cases of manipulations or frauds with the tachographs
- 33 problems in the field of the social legislation (driving and resting times)
- 14 overloaded units or over dimension limits
- 51 units with infringements related to roadworthiness
- 1 unit with the false registration number
- 8 units with insufficient cargo securing
- 1 ADR unit with risk category II. findings

What to say in closing remarks? The joint road side checks took four days and in friendly cooperation we improved knowledge, exchanged experiences and materials and harmonized checking procedures for better and superior work. Due the results, the similar multilateral road side checks will be organized in the near future.

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