ECR and TISPOL reaching across borders to tackle fraud together!

From June 22nd until 26th ECR and TISPOL jointly organized the 15th master class on digital tachograph and speed limiter fraud.

Since the financial crisis there has been a reduction in enforcement staff and means. The number of control officers had dropped with 75% over the last two years. At the same time manipulations have become more and more sophisticated. Whereas the magnet used to be ubiquitous, enforcers are seeing a shift to more sophisticated frauds involving the vehicle units and CAN bus. To deal with these kinds of fraud specific and specialized knowledge and training are needed.

The students were given an overview of the features of the new SMART tachograph by the JRC , and the market leader Continental VDO. The new tachograph offers enforcement opportunities for pre-selection of the vehicles to be controlled. At the same time the current concerns about CAN bus fraud will not be resolved with the new tachograph.

Training of and collaboration between control staff is more important than ever. The Tachoweb experts showed the students the common and not so common methods of manipulation, the indicators of fraud and the best practices on control practices.

Students were then divided into smaller groups and given several cases to investigate applying the knowledge they acquired during the theoretical sessions.

During the final day the participating countries gave an overview of the enforcement situations in their own country. Aside from training, the master classes are also means of networking for enforcement professionals.
Through the master classes ECR and TISPOL reach across the borders to tackle the problem together.

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