With regards to EC Regulation 1072/2009 and 106/1992 the UK Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) would like to notify all European countries that it is the intention for the UK authorities (DVSA) to take impounding action against operators of vehicles who continue to breach these regulations.

Should such a vehicle be impounded then notification will be sent to the operator and registered keeper of the vehicle concerned. The publication of the impounding will be made in the London Gazette which is available online using the following link :

The operator will have 21 days from receiving the notification of impounding to appeal such action to the Traffic Commissioner of the area the impounding took place.

Should such a vehicle be on a finance agreement, lease agreement or on hire i.e. not owned by the operator then these companies do have the right to appeal such an impounding.

The issue DVSA has  is that they are generally not aware of the existence of a finance agreement, lease agreement or hire contract being in place when the vehicle is impounded. It is therefore imperative that the operator of the vehicle should notify said company who has the financial interest in the vehicle at the earliest opportunity.
This will allow them to appeal to the Traffic Commissioner timeously.

Details of the Traffic Commissioner are included within the advert in the London Gazette and in the correspondence sent to the vehicle operator subsequent to the impounding. Representation at the appeal hearing will be at the request of the company lodging the appeal.

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