Working group on checks of Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road, 19 – 22 October 2015

Working group on checks of Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road, 19 – 22 October 2015

Poland organized this Working Group on checks of Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road from 19 until 22 October 2015 in Warsaw. The basis of this working group is the Council directive 95/50/EC on uniform procedures for checks on the transport of dangerous goods by road. The meeting was hosted by the General Inspectorate of Road Transport (GITD). ECR took also part in this meeting.

This meeting was officially opened by Mrs. Katarzyna.Piechowska-Strumik and she welcomed all participants of this working group. Mr. Lucasz Bryla (GITD) started with a presentation of the organization of GITD, duties and all activities on ADR checks.
Then a presentation followed by Mr. Hennie van der Stokker (Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate Netherlands). He presented the results / achievements of the ECR workshop ADR that was held on 23 and 24 September 2015. He finalized his presentation with several conclusions for which ECR could be a also an excellent platform.

Mr. Gerard Schipper (ECR) presented a few valuable politically statements and important developments concerning the European market. He also gave an explanation of the organization (also new developments) and structure of ECR.

Furthermore there were presentations of Mr. Dr. Eng. Krzysztof Grzegorczyk (Transport Technical Supervision – TDT) who is responsible for certification of tanks and for dangerous goods safety advisors (DGSA).
His presentation was followed by presentations of Mrs. Maria Nicopulos and Mrs. Anna Witkowska (DGSA).
Finally Mr. Arthur Czapiewski (GITD) presented a few proposals for amendments of ADR 2017. His presentation gave a lot of discussions about interpretations, especially how to enforce on all these rules.
(see enclosed all presentations)

The second day was entirely reserved for a road side checks on the transport of dangerous goods. The Polish Inspectorate showed how they carry our their inspections in practice and sometimes these inspections leads to several interesting discussions and interpretations how to enforce on the transport of dangerous goods. The second day ended with a nice sightseeing of Warsaw and with a perfect farewell dinner that was offered by the GITD.

The last day of the meeting was a visit to COBRO. This is a Packing Research Institute where amongst others packages used for ADR transport are tested.

Tired but satisfied all participants went home.


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