EU Commissioner for Transport attends cross- border roadside check

Euro Contrôle Route and the FOD Mobility organized a roadside check at the Drogenbos parking along the E19 motorway. The control was organized at the behest of Transport Commissioner, Violeta Bulc, in support of the EU Road Transport conference.




During the control inspection services and police from Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, France and Germany checked HGV’s and coaches for overloading, technical condition of the vehicle, cargo securing.

The control gave the Commissioner the opportunity to see the reality facing the various stakeholders in today’s transport sector as well has highlighted the added value of cross-border and cross agency cooperation.

The Commisioner highlighted the importance of enforcement and technological innovation within the road transport sector and invited ECR to contribute to the ongoing discussions.

The exchange of best practices and harmonization of control practices are an important part of improving road transport enforcement and, as a consequence, compliance in the road transport sector.

“Euro Contrôle Route as an international enforcement organisation is committed to working together to improve road safety, sustainability and labour conditions in road transport. In an increasingly globalized transport market, actions such as the check today show the added value of cross border and inter organizational cooperation. They contribute to exchange of best practices, harmonization of procedures and efficient controls. There is a need for clear, unambiguous and enforceable legislation. ECR is always willing to work with Commissions and other stakeholders towards that goal.”

During the control 27 vehicles were checked (11 residents and 16 non-residents). Of the vehicles checked, 10 vehicles (37%)were found to have at least one infraction. Five vehicles (18.51%) had an infraction severe enough to prompt immobilization.
Amongst others the following infractions were found:

  • 3 vehicles were found to have issues with the technical condition of the vehicles (e.g. breaks, suspension, weight and dimension)
  • 4 vehicles were overloaded with by more than 12 tons
  • 5 vehicles were found to have no securing of their cargo or faulty cargo securing. In four cases the deficiency was so severe as to prevent the truck completing its journey
  •  3 vehicles were found to have issues with their company transport documents (e.g. failing to prevent a valid transport license, rental agreement or transport authorization).

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