ECR organizes first master class ADR

ECR organizes first master class ADR

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From May 31st until July 1st, Euro Contrôle Route organized its first master class on dangerous goods transport (ADR transport) in Osnabruck (Germany). ADR experts from DE,FR,NL,BG,DK,RO and PL gathered for one week to focus specifically on the enforcement of ADR tank containersand the latest developments in packaging.

As the name indicates the enforcement of ADR European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road is a vital part of keeping road users safe. When carrying dangerous goods, we want to make sure that the safety requirements for such transports are respected.

Feedback from exchanges showed that inspectors feel that there is a considerable difference between the theory of ADR, an agreement that is under constant revision and changes every two years, and the day to day control practice at the roadside. At the same time because of its complex nature the ADR specialisation often takes a backseat to other areas of the road transport acquis when it comes to training activities.

The week was officially opened by Mr.Robert Maiworm, vice-president of the BAG, who expressed the value of trainins tailored specically to experts focussing on the practical enforcement application of the ADR rules.
ECR was happy to welcome ADR desk officer, Ms. Monica Stanciu, who gave a presentation on the decision making proces regarding ADR and the latest developments regarding this theme within DGMOVE.

Day one was dedicated to the enforcement of tank containers at the roadside: different types, what to look out for, where can we find useful information and what are the commond defects found at the roadside.

On the second day students took part in a practical ADR roadside check organized by the colleagues from the BAG (Bundesamt Guterverkehr). Students were divided into groups a carried out the control together with their German counterparts. This offered valuable insight into the BAG control procedures and allowed participants to exchange knowledge and best practices.

On the third day specific attention was paid to ADR packaging. Aditionally students could apply the knowledge gathered to a series of case studies.

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