Regional check in Southwest Hungary

From 7th to 9th of June 2016 the National Transport Authority and Zala county governmental office again hosted  an event, which had a great success among the participants over the previous years and ,as such, gained an important place on  the calendar. Therefore we were pleased to welcome 30 experts from 10 countries at the event focusing mainly on tachograph manipulations and technical checks.

The 1st day of the action took place on the M7 highway, where we conducted complex checks with the help of a mobile technical testing station operated by the technical examiners of Gyor-Moson-Sopron county governmental office. With the support of this equipment we were able to pull several domestic and foreign vehicles having serious technical deficiencies leading to immediate prohibition from traffic. One foreign vehicle was a complete disaster having no breaking action, a failed steering mechanism and broken chassis.

Moreover this day we have been able to demonstrate the joint work with our national partner authorities like the police, customs, the national directorate for disaster management (ADR) and veterinary service.

The 2nd day has been split up between a daytime and a nighttime action respectively organized at the Slovenian/Hungarian border, as well as the M70 expressway being the main transit artery for trucks mainly coming from Northeast and Southeast headed to Southwest Europe.

During the day session we uncovered the first tachograph switch in a foreign truck, but already on the previous day we found at lot of missing records.

At night time, apart from insufficient daily rest times and other driving and resting hours related problems we were able to detect a livestock transport well over the weights and dimension limits set within the regulation and unfortunately operating without any special permits by using our mobile static axle weighing pads. Technical problems in connection with illegal lighting devices set up on the truck were also identified.

The 3rd day has been dedicated to a presentation and round table discussion on the most recent manipulations supported by knowledge base gathered within the ECR’s specialised working group.

All in all, we have jointly controlled 106 vehicles in two days and in 35% of the working days checked there have been non-compliance. Besides manipulation with switches, magnets and leave letters! the inadequate use of tachographs is still considerable. 7.5% of the vehicles checked had some kind of technical deficiency, which is still a tremendous amount. As a result of the infringements committed and discovered,in 15 cases necessary measures – mostly initiation of administrative procedures – were taken.


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