ACE - ADR cross-border enforcement

The ACE controls, ADR Cross Border Enforcement, started life as a spinoff of the ECR ADR expert classes. During the training events participants expressed the need for dedicated cross border ADR enforcement.

The inspections on the transport of dangerous goods were carried out by a staff of 6 German inspectors of the BAG (Bundesamt für Gueterverkehr), 6 Dutch inspectors of the ILT (Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate) and 1 inspector of the MTMD (Mission du Transport de Matiéres Dangereuses), supplemented with supervisors (coordinators / observers) from Germany, the Netherlands, France and the ECR. All acting inspectors have the status as experts for the checks of ADR transports at their inspection services. During the inspections they were also supported by 8 inspectors of the BAG who guided the ADR vehicles to the check site.

In total 61 vehicles with dangerous goods have been checked, of which 30 vehicles were not in compliance (violation rate of 49,1 %) with the regulations of ADR. The infringements differ from inadequate stowage and fastening of the load, not properly or completed transport documents and written instructions, wrong marking / labeling of (tank)vehicles and not properly or missing equipment of the driver until the appendages of a tank-vehicle that not have been correctly applied. This all resulted in making up official reports, payment of fines, warnings and  most importantly,corrective measures that ensured the transport could not continue until the safety issues had been properly dealt with and rectified. 

The final conclusion of these days is that cooperation in this manner is indispensable and should have to be continued in the near future. In 2018 two ADR Crossborder Enforcements are already planned: one in Western Europe and one in Eastern Europe. Harmonization of the enforcement on the transport of dangerous goods is a priority, especially for a contribution to a better level playing field in Europe.   

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