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Czech-Slovenian-Hungarian joint action in Southwestern Hungary
As part of our yearly bilateral exchanges planned with the Czech colleagues we performed from the 27th to 29th June in Zala county a series of common roadside checks targeting mainly tachograph manipulations with the support of the local transport inspectorate as well as our manipulation expert.

Slovakian-Hungarian seminar on tachograph manipulations
On the invitation of the Slovak Labour Inspectorate the Hungarian Transport Authority with the kind support of Vas County Transport Inspectorate’s manipulation expert delivered in Malá Lucivna, Slovakia a 2 days training – 1st and 2nd June 2011 - on tachograph manipulations consisting of a theoretical and a practical block.

Middle Management Conference - 2011
On May 17th and 18th the ECR Middle Management conference took place. The conference was the follow-up of a pilot conference in Gatwick in 2009. The conference was hosted in the Benelux buildings, where the ECR secretariat is housed. The target audience for the conference, the middle management, can be defined as follows: inspectorate staff who have a clear knowledge of what goes on in the field on a day to day basis and are at the same time in the position to influence the control practices and policy of their organisation.The event had participants from eleven member states: Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, Luxemburg, Spain, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Poland, Ireland and the Netherlands.

Czech-Hungarian bilateral control in the area of Brno
From the 9th May to 13th May 2011 one control unit of the Vas county transport inspectorate on behalf of the Hungarian National Transport Authority has conducted a joint action on invitation with the Czech partner authority (CSPSD) and police focusing mainly on tachograph manipulation cases in order to exchange practical experiences on the best methods of detection.

Benelux truck inspection action at Sterpenich discontinued following toxic liquid leak:
We might have missed a catastrophe by a hair’s breadth Thursday in the early afternoon, at the customs area of Sterpenich along the Belgian-Luxembourg border.

C.A.S.H. - A reality Check on European Road freight Safety
14 April 2011 Brussels. Mr. Gerard Schipper attended this event on behalf of the Executive Committee with TISPOL representative Mr. Bonthuis. ECR had been asked to take part in the event, because of their expertise on digital tachogrpaph fraud.

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