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Working group on checks of Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road, 19 – 22 October 2015
Poland organized this Working Group on checks of Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road from 19 until 22 October 2015 in Warsaw. The basis of this working group is the Council directive 95/50/EC on uniform procedures for checks on the transport of dangerous goods by road. The meeting was hosted by the General Inspectorate of Road Transport (GITD). ECR took also part in this meeting.

ECR workshop ADR 23 – 24 September 2015
It was the third time that the BAG hosted this ECR workshop ADR in Cologne. In 2013 a lot of topics were still discussed, like: - What should be inspected during a basic ADR road side check? - What should be the competence of the enforcement staff ? - What should be the knowledge of the enforcement staff involved? - What should be the equipment when carrying the inspections on the transport of dangerous goods?

Tachoweb Group (TWG): reaching across borders to tackle fraud
To the enforcement community the manipulation problem is a considerable challenge. Drivers and operators manipulation of the digital tachograph allows them to flaunt driving- and resting time rules, whilst hiding the evidence. These practices are a serious threat to road safety, fair competition and drivers’ health.

Annual conference of the Euro Control Route (ECR): Amsterdam, the Netherlands on June 17 -18, 2015.
On June 17th and 18th 2015, the ECR conference was organized by the Dutch Human Environment and Transport Inspectoratie at the Amsterdam Mövenpick Hotel.

How truckers are dicing with death by tricking with tachographs
The following articled appeared in the Irish national newspaper'The independent' In light of the serious implications of tachograph fraud for road safety,the Road Safety Authority wanted to send out a clear message that fraud would not be tolerated and actively pursued.

ECR and TISPOL reaching across borders to tackle fraud together!
From June 22nd until 26th ECR and TISPOL jointly organized the 15th master class on digital tachograph and speed limiter fraud.

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