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ECR scrutinises social fraud.
On May 21st, Euro Contrôle Route organised a workshop held at the General Secretariat on the enforcement of cabotage rules in road transport.

Multilateral exchange Leiden
The date: Sunday 14th 2013. Outside the Holiday Inn hotel in Leiden, the ECR flag is raised. The multilateral exchange in the Netherlands is about to start. During the course of the afternoon the 17 participants arrive from the airport and train station, chauffeured by their Dutch counterparts.

ECR Reaching out
Recently a conference was held in St-Petersburg on 'Improving Government Oversight over Transport and Safety'. ECR is mentioned in the conference report as an example of international cooperation.

ECR in search of enforcement technology of the future
Any enforcer will tell you that one of the main challenges they face is that enforcement staff is outnumbered by the vast numbers of HGV’s and coaches involved in the European logistic chain. Not all of these trucks are non-compliant of course, but because of the ongoing internationalisation and growing numbers involved in this ever expanding industry it is easier for the black sheep to hide than in other modes of transport. A potential solution is data driven and risk based enforcement. To achieve this, reliable collection of enforcement data is needed. In the current climate of budget and personnel cuts, technological support is more vital than ever. WIM (weigh in motion) systems are currently being used in several member states, but the exchange of WIM data between MS’s is not in place yet and the systems could potentially be used for more enforcement fields than they currently are. Time to have a look at what is technically possible: now and in the near future.

Enforcement and Industry push for enforceable legislation
On December 18th Euro Contrôle Route (ECR), TISPOL and IRU took part in a conference on the enforcement of road transport legisation organized by MEP’s Corien Wortmann (CDA, NL) ,Peter van Dalen (ChristenUnie, NL), members of the EP Transport and Tourism Committee.

Working group on checks of transport of dangerous goods
The Dutch Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate organized a three day event focused on ADR transport. The working group on checks of transport of Dangerous Goods by Road brought together ADR experts from across Europe (18 member states) to exchange practical knowledge and best practices for the roadside checks of ADR transport.

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