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Bilateral exchange between the Netherlands and Germany
From October 28th until November 2nd the ninth bilateral exchange between the Netherlands and Germany took place in Leiden (NL). Seven inspectors from the German Bündesamt für Güterverkehr (BAG) and six colleagues from the Dutch Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILenT) took part.

Multilateral exchange in Luxemburg
During the first week of October, the Customs Office invited colleagues from 14 member states of the Euro Contrôle Route network for training sessions and workshops.

ECR-TISPOL Master Class on Digital Tachograph Fraud and Speed Limiter manipulation
Euro Contrôle Route (ECR) and TISPOL hosted the eigth master class on digital tachograph fraud in Osnabruck from October 22nd until 26th . The Osnabruck police chief and Mr. Maiwormfrom the BAG opened proceedings and in their opening speech stressed the importance of well trained enforcement staff in light of the ever increasing problem of tachograph manipulation.

ECR/IRU/TISPOL "Access to the profession" Seminar
On October 18th Euro Contrôle Route (ECR), the European Traffic Police (TISPOL) and the International Road Union (IRU) organized a seminar on the ERRU register that will enter into force on January 1st 2013.

Multilateral exchange Poland
This year Euro Contrôle Route multilateral exchange in Poland was held in Opole between 2nd and 7th September 2012. Exchange was focused on weight checks - dynamic and stationary check methods using pre-selection and impact of overloaded vehicles on the degradation of road infrastructure

Euro Contrôle Route and TISPOL continue to target digital tachograph fraud
For Euro Contrôle route and TISPOL the enforcement of driver’s hours rules and more particularly the digital tachograph has always been a staple of the cooperation. A joint working group, the TWG group, brings together experts from the police and inspectorates to exchange information, train enforcement staff and raise awareness of the problem with both the industry and policy makers.

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