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IRU hosts ECR online complaints desk for disproportionate fines and sanctions
The International Road Transport Union (IRU) is hosting the Euro Control Route (ECR), Disproportionate Fines & Sanctions online complaints desk as a cornerstone of the public-private partnership between the IRU and the EU Enforcement Community, aiming to create a harmonised and efficient enforcement of EU road transport legislation.

Enforcers and IRU brief top EC Officials on Problems applying EU Transport Rules
Euro Contrôle Route, TISPOL and the IRU briefed the EU Transport Commissioner’s cabinet on problems faced by both control bodies and industry trying to apply or comply with EU road transport rules.

Toledo Multilateral Exchange
In October 2011 (17th until 21st) the Spanish Ministry Fomento organized a multilateral exchange for their European colleagues in Toledo. The exchange welcomed colleagues from Poland, Luxemburg, Romania, Portugal, France, Slovenia and the Czech Republic.

Second EC conference on roadside technical checks and cargo securing
The second EC conference on cargo securing and roadside technical checks took place on October 4th and 5th in Dresden.

Practical day between TachoWebGroup and European Commission – DG Move
As a result of the contructive and open dialogue between the policy makers of the European Commission (EC) and the TWG working group of ECR/Tispol, the EC requested the TWG to organise a 1 day training on roadside checks on social legislation for professional raod transport.

TWG provides 3 training courses on enforcement
TWG provides 3 training courses on enforcement of the Digital Tachograph and methods of fraud and manipulation detection. At the request of the project management of CASH , TWG has trained a first group of control officers in the Baltic Sea region. On September 7th and 8th the first training took place in Tallinn (Estonia). Three members of TWG trained 19 control officers on several aspects in the complex field of the Digital Tachograph enforcement.

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