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Consequences Accession Croatia

DG-MOVE Directorate C.4 Road Safety would like the competent authorities to be informed of the following with regard to the consequences of Croatia's accession:

At its meeting of 26 June 2013, the CPC committee  examined the consequences of the
accession of Croatia to the EU on 1 July 2013.
In this respect, please be informed as follows:

1. Directive 2003/59/EC  applies to Croatia in full as from the date of accession.
2. However, by virtue of Article 4 (acquired rights),
a. drivers who hold a category Dl, Dl+E, D or D+E licence or a licence
recognised as equivalent, issued by Croatia no later than 1 July 2015
b. drivers who hold a category Cl, Cl+E, C or C+E licence, or a licence
recognised as equivalent, issued by Croatia no later than 1 July 2016
may continue to circulate under such licences without obtaining an initial
qualification (code 95).

you can consult the original letter here.

Change letterhead Documents issued by Romanian Road Transport Authority

All the standard forms are provided with a stamp inscribed 'Ministry of Transport' replacing the cancelled 'Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure'. The valid standard forms issued by the Romanian Road Transport Authority containing both the cancelled letterhead and  the new letterhead shall remain vailid until expiry date.

To readup on the details please consult the official letter.


Trace material

During 2011-2012 ECR (with VOSA and CORTE) took part in a project to harmonize the training material concerning driving- and resting hours legislation.

The explanatory text produced by the project was translated in the official EU languages by the EC. Please find the below.

You will be able to download the pdf by clicking on the ISO country code in the matrix.

Bulgarian BG  Italian  IT
Czech CZ  Lithuanian  LT
German DE  Latvian  LV
Danish DK  Maltese  MT
Spanish ES  Dutch  NL
Estonian EE  Polish  PL
  Finnish FI  Portuguese  PT
  French FR  Romanian  RO
  Greek GR  Slovak  SK
  Hungarian HU  Slovenian  SL
   Swedish  SV      


Change to transport licences in Belgium

Road control

Road Side Checks - new EU Regulations

Annex 1 - new models

Annex 2 - old models

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