For the detailed information on the relevant legislation, please follow the link provided below to the site of DG-MOVE. There you will find up to date information on:

  • Council Regulation (EEC) 3821/85 on recording equipment in road transport that provides the basis for the analogue tachograph, which records the driving time, breaks, rest periods as well as periods of other work undertaken by the driver.

  • Council Regulation (EC) 2135/98, which amends Regulation (EEC) 3821/85, provides the basis for the fully digital tachograph. The digital tachograph is a more secure and accurate recording and storage device than the analogue tachograph. This device records all the vehicle’s activities, for example distance, speed and driving times and rest periods of the driver.

  • Press releases regarding the digital tachograph and relevant legislation

  • Tachonet, the system for exchange of information between Member States

  • The Joint Research Centre (JRC) on the digital tachograph.

  • The Trusted Workshop Section that provides information about the workshops and fitters approved by the Competent Authorities of each Member State within the European Union authorised to carry out calibrations, inspections and repairs to digital tachographs.


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