Disproportionate fines complaint desk

Were you inspected for compliance with the driving and rest time rules, but you don´t agree with the sanction?

If so, you can make that known on this website. The rules for driving and rest times are the same throughout Europe. However, the interpretation and application of the rules can differ from country to country. Your information helps Euro Contrôle Route to get a better understanding of the enforcement of the European regulations on driving and rest times, and possible pressure points in their enforcement. With the aid of your information, Euro Contrôle Route is drawing up an inventory of these pressure points and passing this information on to the countries.

We want to point out to you that this is not a complaint and appeal procedure, and that your sanction therefore cannot be reviewed or waived. For complaint and appeal procedures, we refer you to the authority which imposed the sanction on you.

(Bold questions are obliged to fill in)

4.) Date of control

6.) Fined violation

Use of tachograph: EC Regulation 3821/85

7.) During driving and rest periods: how many too many or too few driven or rested ?

8) Amount of fine ?

9.) Driving can imposed because of too much friving or too little rest ?

10.) Why do you see the fine as disproportionate ?

one minute issue
accident / tailback
full parking place
driving on to safe parking place
Vehicle does not fall under the regulation (e.g. < 3500 kg)
Out of scope on the basis of International exemption (Reg 561/2006 art 3)
Out of scope on the basis of National exemption (Reg 561/2006 art 13/14)
Declaration of activities requested for something other than illness, annual holiday or driving of a vehicle that falls outside the regulation

party-time driver
leave other than annual holiday
weekend rest
just started as driver
other: enter field

other: enter field

appropriate, but too high
the same violation already fined previously
the same violation already controlled previously but not fined at that time
other: enter field

11.) Did you find the control officer to be a professional ?

12.) Handling by inspector ?

13.) How long did the control last (without possible driving ban) ?

14.) Cause of violation (several answers possible) ?

Inadequate knowledge of the rules
Unclear how rules must be complied with
Financial interest in violating the rules
Rules are absurd
Rules don´t fit with the practice
other: enter field

15.) When was the alleged violation committed ?

current day
within the preceding 28 days
days ago

16.) Type of transport ?

Passenger transport
Professional goods transport
Own Transport
Non-commercial transport

17.) Has your company formally lodged a complaint against the fine ?

18.) Number of vehicles obliged to have tachographs in the company ?

19.) What is your opinion about control services in general ?

Good Neutral Poor No opinion

20.) Here you can send us a scan of the fine report

21.) Other remarks ?

Remark : It can take some time to upload the attached file depending on its size.