From July 1, 2019, the presidency of the Euro Contrôle Route has been held by the Republic Poland, represented by the General Inspectorate of Road Transport. Urszula Nowinowska, the Director of the Cabinet of the Chief Inspector of Road Transport took the office of the President of ECR.

The international organisation, for which the priority is to improve safety and standardise control practices in road transport, during the Polish Presidency will primarily focus on activities aimed at broadly understood environmental protection. By conducting international exchanges and meetings of working groups, ECR aims to raise the level of knowledge of Polish and foreign inspectors in the field of detecting illegal manipulations in exhaust aftertreatment systems, unacceptable manipulations in tachographs, checking the technical condition of vehicles or illegal waste relocation. The intensification of coordinated control weeks will also directly improve road safety throughout Europe by increasing the detection of illegal activities of drivers and carriers. An equally important goal that ECR sets for itself is to increase the number of member countries and enhance the organization's international presence and recognition.