Control Results 2017

Vehicles controlled - infringement rate - immobilisation rate

During the control weeks in 2017  242758 vehicles were stopped and checked.

Slightly over one fifth of the vehicles checked, 53960 (22.23%) were found to have at least one infringement.

One fifth of the vehicles with infringements, 11133 (20.63%) had infingements deemed sufficient serious to immobilize the vehicles.


The majority of vehicles controlled were engaged in freight transport.

This a result of the repartition between freight transport and passenger transport.

Nevertheless, ECR dedicates at least one control week a year specifically to passenger transport.

Type of infringements found

The top 3 categories of offences are as follows:

  1. Drivers' hours offencers
  2. Tachograph offences
  3. Technical offences

When we take into account that the tachograph is a device to register the drivers' hours, and as such incorrect use masks drivers' hours offences  it stands to reason that the  enforcement of driving and resting times legislation remains a top concern for ECR.

As does the enforcement of the proper technical condition of heavy goods vehicles and busses.

To that end the control weeks focus in detail on driving and resting time enforcement as well as technical condition of the vehicle and overloading.