Road transport is an globalized industry. Nowhere is that more apparant than during the roadside checks where an enforcer from country A can be confronted with a driver from country B working for an operator from country C with documentation in part from country B,C through Z.

Even with English increasingly as the lengua franca of the world, when it comes to the instructions and exchange needed during often complicated checks things more often than not get lost in translation.

In order to facilitate more efficient and expedient controls, ECR compiled a phrasebook of the most common phrases needed during a roadside check and translated it into twelve languages. To ensure ease of use the overview was kept as an Excel file as this application is widely available to computer users.

Below you will find the electronique version of the lexcion. In each version one specific language has been put in the first position to make it easier for the enforcement officer to find his/her native tongue, all the languages can be found in the columns to the right of the first column. Just hide the columns of the languges you do not need and point your conversation partner to the phrase needed!