Dangerous Goods Transport

The international transport of dangerous goods on land is governed by agreements drawn up by the relevant international bodies. They are regularly updated to keep pace with technical progress and improve safety.

The EU converts these rules into specific directives which apply to all transport in the EU, both within and across national borders.

Transport by road, rail and inland waterway is covered by a single EU directive – EU directive 2008/68 – inland transport of dangerous goods.

Relevant documents

Directive 95/50 – checks on road transport of dangerous goods 
Lays down a standard list of points to be checked and requires a report on the checks to be available to any authorities making further checks, in any EU country.

EU directive 98/91 – vehicles and trailers 
Deals with the type-approval of vehicles used to carry dangerous goods. Incorporates the technical requirements from the international road transport agreement (ADR) and introduces an EU-wide certificate, to facilitate vehicle registration in every EU country.