One truck in two in violation during joint Euro Contrôle Route (ECR) & Benelux control

Brussels, 23.05.2018 | The Flemish Road Inspectorate (Agency for Roads and Traffic), The Netherlands Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) and the Luxembourg customs authorities, in cooperation with the local police of Antwerp,  jointly checked the freight transport of  dangerous goods / substances in the port of Antwerp yesterday (22.05.2018). A total of 14 trucks have been checked. Of them were 7 vehicles in violation with one of more infringements. It mainly concerned infringements of not properly stowed / secured of the load, the roll protection of the top of a tank was broken,  incorrect transport document and old versions of a written instruction and incorrect labelling and marking.   

European Commission shows interest

The Benelux control took place within Euro Contrôle Route, a joint venture of 16 European road inspection services. In addition to the inspectors from the Benelux countries, their colleagues from Germany, France and Poland were also present. This road check came at the request of the European Commission. In this way, the European authorities were able to experience on the ground how multilateral controls take place in practice. The different bodies exchanged experiences and good practices, which they then also applied to the field. The joint control was focused on learning from each other and making better agreements.

Benelux Liege Treaty fully operational

It was the first time that the enforcement action took place under a fully operational Benelux Treaty of Liege. The inspectors from the three countries exercised all the powers that they have in their home country on Belgian soil. The countries also exchanged material, which is cost-effective and efficient. The Benelux countries are thus leading the way in the European Union.

The Liege Treaty, signed by Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg in October 2014, ensures close cooperation between the Benelux countries in the field of supervision and enforcement of EU regulations relating to road transport and to a harmonization of enforcement of these regulations. Thanks to this Treaty, the Belgian, Dutch and Luxembourg inspectors can effectively and cooperatively carry out joint inspections on trucks and buses in the Benelux. Together they share knowledge and experience to coordinate the control practice. The Convention is open to participation from other countries or regions in countries.

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23/05/2018 - 16:12

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