ECR Benelux roadside check at Breda/Hazeldonk near the Belgium Dutch border

On Wednesday the 18th of  July Two Members of the European Parliament and their Staff visited an ECR Benelux roadside check at Breda/Hazeldonk near the Belgium Dutch border

On request of MEP’s Mr. Wim van de Camp and Mr. Matthijs van Miltenburg from the EP TRAN Committee, a demonstration roadside check was organised at the Dutch / Belgium border.

At the arrival of the MEP’s and their staff on 09.30 that day, the demonstration roadside check had already started. Colleagues from the Belgium FOD and the Brussels region were present at the Dutch side of the border in order to support their Dutch ILT colleagues. This was the second time that the treaty of Liege was used as a legal framework for this cross border activity.

The invitees were welcomed by the ECR general delegate Mr. Gerard Schipper,  the Dutch control leader Mr. Govert Pelkmans and his Belgium homologue Mrs. Carine Van Hese. After a short briefing the invitees were divided into groups and linked to inspectors couples.

During this demonstration roadside check 19 lorries were inspected and it is positive to report that only 1 violation was found.

There was a lot of interaction between the invitees, the  enforcement staff and inspected drivers at the control location.  This way practical insight was provided to the invitees and possible bottlenecks were discussed. The involvement and enthusiasm of the invitees made that they stayed much longer than the 1½ hour that was planned for their visit. They left the control site at 12.15 hours and so 1¼ hour later than planned.

In a short speech MEP Mr. Wim van de Camp thanked the ECR, Benelux and the involved enforcement staff for their involvement and professionalism. He indicated that he had learned more in 2 hours than reading 200 pages of text, this was acknoweledged by his fellow MEP Mr. Matthijs van Miltenburg. 

Published on
26/07/2018 - 16:24

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