Late summer regional roadside check in Zala county, Hungary

After a year of interruption Zala county government office gladly hosted from 10th to 14th September 2018 the event comprising two days of intense roadside action and an in-room session aiming at exchanging views on newest experiences in the field. 


The traditional event organised for many years has seen this time 28 inspectors participating from 8 countries. The controls were complex in character targeting checks of compliance with social, ADR, roadworthiness, load securing, weights-  and dimensions rules among others. Special attention has been paid to tachograph and AdBlue frauds. The week also provided an opportunity to make use of latest equipments enhancing the quality of controls and increasing efficiency of infringement’s detection such as the mobile technical testing station – proudly demonstrated by colleagues from Gyor-Moson-Sopron county – the German Bundesamt für Güterverkehr’s control car, meeting the latest expectations for mobile detection technology or the special tools used by Polish, Czech colleagues to uncover frauds.



The result of the checks speaks for itself, among the 33 vehicles examined in a complex manner following deficiencies have been discovered. 3 vehicles presented several combined problems, while on the 1st day we encountered a truck presenting non-compliance with social rules (7 warnings and 2 sanctions issued to drivers in total during the 2 days of checks), an AdBlue manipulation (found in 8 different vehicles in total during the 2 days of checks), a lack of proper load securing as well as technical faults, which luckily could be repaired on the spot. Whereas for the 2nd day highlights we faced were, first a vehicle with non-approved modification of the chassis with a driver not exactly observing driving and resting times rules either, and another truck in a desperate technical condition transporting dangerous goods in an unsuitable tank. Several others ADR related infringements were detected like circulation with open manhole cover, an orange plate from unappropriate material, fire extinguishers with expired certification or not easily accessible, lack of indication of tank’s periodic inspection. Finally one truck had a weight of 11.5t measured on the driven axle.



Building on the success of the week we envisage to repeat the event next year. Meanwhile uncovering frauds shall stay in focus as sadly enough every 4th vehicle had one and also in light of many ADR defects dedicated cross border checks in that domain shall further be promoted. 


Published on
03/10/2018 - 16:00

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