Euro Contrôle Route information day 26th of February 2019

Euro Contrôle Route (ECR) organised an information day on the 26th of February in Brussels for potential new members and current ECR observers. 

A short introduction was given by the Deputy Secretary-General of the Benelux Union, Mr. Alain de Muyser. ECR is hosted by the Benelux Union since 1999 and is currently in a transition period to an independent ECR in the form of a European Grouping for Territorial Cooperation (ECR-EGTC).

The general delegate of ECR, Mr. Schipper, presented ECR as it is today and the current challenges of enforcing the EU road transport acquis. Furthermore, the future perspectives of ECR as an EGTC were presented. The ECR-EGTC will start with a new ambition, an ambition that belongs to this moment, a moment in which cooperation in the field of the enforcement of European road transport acquis is at a crucial stage.

Current ECR members from Poland, the UK and Germany shared their experiences and presented the benefits of being a member of ECR. A discussion round allowed the potential members and the ECR observer to ask questions and to discuss with the current members of ECR.

Published on
01/03/2019 - 09:00

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