ECR multilateral exchange in Bordeaux

This year, the ECR multilateral exchange took place in Bordeaux from 23rd to 28th June. This session was rather different in terms of scale, since it brought together 30 participants, representing 12 nationalities:  Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Spain and also France with 10 participants who came from all over the country.


The topics were tachograph fraud, with workshops and presentations on detection tools (Actia diagnostic tool), and on the new software fraud, as well as Ad-Blue® fraud and roadside technical vehicle inspection. Our German colleagues from the BAG gave a presentation on load securing. The workshops were very successful. Discussions were productive, in a friendly and industrious atmosphere.


Source: DREAL Nouvelle-Aquitaine - Site de Bordeaux 


The theory was put into practice with two roadside check operations on the A63 motorway and the RN10 national road. During these operations, mixed teams collaborated in a highly beneficial exercise. They detected many infringements, more specifically 9 infringements relating to roadside technical vehicle inspections (brakes, tires, load securing...), 4 Ad-Blue® emission system frauds (emulators installed to neutralise Ad-Blue® usage) and a serious offence of irregular use of tachograph.


Source: DREAL Nouvelle-Aquitaine - Site de Bordeaux 


The event was covered by the local media:


- Report in the lunchtime and evening news on the local television network (France 3 Nouvelle-Aquitaine) (27.06.2019)


- Article in the newspaper (Sud-Ouest) on 28th June 2019


The exchange week closed with the presence of:

  • Paul WEICK: Road Transport Deputy Director of General Directorate of Infrastructure, Transport and Sea (DGITM)
  • Christian HOFFMANN: Euro Contrôle Route President (German presidency until 1st July 2019)
  • Urszula Nowinowska (President from 1st July 2019)
  • Alice-Anne MEDARD: Nouvelle-Aquitaine Environment, Planning and Housing Regional Director
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05/07/2019 - 09:00

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