Portuguese and Maltese inspection services’ study visit in Poland

ITD representatives spoke about the role, tasks and initiatives aimed at improving road safety, fair competition and labour conditions in road transport sector within the Euro Contrôle Route organization, during a study visit organized at the end of July in Warsaw.

The first guests from countries interested in joining the international organization uniting the European ECR control services, who accepted the invitation of the ECR President Urszula Nowinowska, also took part in the inspections carried out by ITD Mazovia inspectors. Delegations were greeted by Łukasz Bryła, Deputy Chief Inspector of Road Transport. ITD is an active member of the Euro Contrôle Route organization, which aims primarily at exchanging knowledge and experience, as well as striving to unify regulations and procedures for controlling road transport sector throughout Europe.

At the end of July, inspectors from the Chief Road Transport Inspectorate and the Provincial Road Transport Inspectorate in Radom hosted three representatives of control services from the Republic of Malta and Portugal, which are not affiliated with the ECR organization. Foreign guests learned about the legal foundations of ITD and the rules determining how to carry out road controls on Polish roads. On the first day of the visit they participated in vehicle inspections at the national no. seven road near Warsaw. During the next day they participated in inspections using the latest in Poland mobile diagnostic ITD station used in Silesia, where the technical condition of suburban and interurban buses was verified.

Guests from Malta and Portugal were impressed by the modern equipment at the ITD. They were particularly interested in the mobile diagnostic station, portable scales used for checking the actual total weight of vehicles, and a police car used for electronic control of toll collection on the roads. Observing ITD inspections, they also asked about issues related to the analysis of drivers’ working time and the tools and methods used by inspectors to detect prohibited manipulations in truck tachographs.The study visit was an excellent opportunity to present the possibilities of cooperation and its benefits for inspectors and services responsible for the control of heavy transport in the countries associated with the ECR structures.

Please click here for a video clip about this study visit, which is available on the GITD website. 


Published on
06/09/2019 - 13:00

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