Regional roadside check in Slovenia

The Inspectorate of the Republic of Slovenia for Infrastructure (IRSI) organized a second Regional roadside check of supervisory authorities from 24rd to 26th September 2019.

Domestic supervisory authorities (IRSI, Police, mobile units of Financial Administration) and 10 foreign inspectors from Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary and Croatia have participated during the event, which was performed during three days of intense roadside checks in Slovenian Region Pomurje at checkpoints Dolga vas (SI-HU border) and on the motorway at Dolinsko – South and Dolinsko – North.


Source: IRSI


The checks were focused to the detection of the most serious breaches that could threatened road safety. Supervisory authorities have identified several serious violations on roadworthiness, overloading and load securing and some serious cases of violation of rest and working time. From very serious infringements it was detected 5 tachograph manipulations and 3 AdBlue manipulations. 176 vehicles were checked in total.


Source: IRSI

During this event the very good collaboration between Slovenian supervisory authorities and foreign inspectors in coordinated action in road transport control has been noticed. The main results of the exchange were transfer of knowledge, experience and good practice. Thanks to joint actions, inspectors can develop effective and uniform procedures, how to find manipulations which have a negative impact on road safety and constitute unfair competition against honest carriers and drivers.

The international visit was an excellent chance for cooperation and its benefits for inspectors and services responsible for the control of road transport in the countries associated within the ECR.


Published on
24/10/2019 - 14:00

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