Joint Statement: ‘Efficient enforcement in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic

Joint Statement

‘Efficient enforcement in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic’ signed and published by Euro Contrôle Route.

Now that we have to endure this COVID-19 crisis, it is more than ever clear how important road transport is to sustain critical flows of people and goods.

At the beginning of the crisis it was necessary to take drastic measures to sustain these crucial road transport flows, which has become apparent in the many and diverse derogations implemented by Member States.

Now that we are making the first steps towards normalisation of the road transport situation, it is important, in consultation with the most involved stakeholders, to claim the flexibility and empathy of enforcers, drivers and transport operators to pave the way to the ‘new normal’.

An appeal is being made to those involved to take the gradual path to normalisation during enforcement situations, with mutual understanding and leniency. Particularly where during roadside inspections the after-effects, due to the measures taken at the national level in the beginning of the crisis, are taken into consideration.

Although the road to a normal roadside inspection situation still seems long, it is important to mark the start of this by a joint statement from the ECR and the most involved partners and stakeholders.
It is therefore my pleasure to, also on behalf of the ECR presidency, present you the annexed joint statement. The joint statement is the result of good and constructive cooperation between the participating organisations.

While working on the joint statement it has become clear that it is important to also cooperate on guidelines on how road inspections can be properly carried out in the coming period without unnecessarily endangering the health of inspectors and drivers. This is also in the interest of clear communication, which should lead to the correct and smooth running of road inspections. The commitment and assistance of the ECR members is necessary.

This collaboration is endorsed and supported by the EC DG Move.

The joint statement can be consulted here.

Gerard Schipper, ECR General Delegate.

Published on
29/05/2020 - 11:09

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