A look back at the ADR Expert Masterclass 2023

A look back at the ADR expert class (Transport of Dangerous goods) in Valenciennes

This year the ADR Expert Class took place in France, Valenciennes, in the National School ENTE. Due to renovations at the Monastery in Osnabrück we were looking for an alternative to organize the Expert Class. Thanks to our colleagues from France we could host the Expert Class in Valenciennes. The program was developed by the ECR Harmonie Sub Working Group dangerous goods transport.  Like always, the program, with main topic Tanks, was intense but very satisfying for the candidates.

The participating countries were France, The Netherlands, Belgium, The United Kingdom, Romania, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Poland, and Germany.

The Expert Class was officially opened by Jean-Michel Piquion  (The French Competent Authority), who gave a presentation of the working and organization of the Directory of France and its mission for the transport of dangerous goods.  A discussion was held on Electronic data Interchange and how to cope during road side checks and the problems, we as inspectors face, with the (incomplete) electronic documents.

Arie Den Bleker – Senior Inspector of the Dutch Inspectorate gave us a very interesting and detailed overview on tanks. Different types of tanks and their equipment were discussed.

Inspection of these tanks is being done by authorized inspection bodies and inspectors as Alain Leclerc of the Association of independent Inspectors gave us a explanation of. It has all to do with safety on the road.

After that, as it is tradition during the Expert Class, a test was presented to the candidates and afterwards discussed by Vlastimil Bártu. The message is clear: dealing with inspections of dangerous goods, means: keep on studying!

To finish the Expert Class we got a look to the future and the Amendments of ADR 2025. We got a glimpse of the upcoming changes.

Once again knowledge and experiences were exchanged and we can go home with new baggage! See you next year.


Published on
18/07/2023 - 14:00

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