Multilateral Exchange Debrecen, Hungary

Debrecen, 2-7 May 2010

In accordance with the work plan of Euro Controle Route the Hungarian National Transport Authority hosted the multilateral exchange programme held 2-7 May 2010 in Debrecen.

The event has seen the participation of delegates from 10 countries’ partner authorities, namely Belgium, Croatia, France, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Spain, Slovenia, United Kingdom.

In the frame of the exchange we have conducted a roadside control action day at Görbeháza on the M3 freeway on the 4th May, in cooperation with the Police, Customs and Directorate for Disaster Management, then on major road no. 4 on 5th May without other authorities.

The main topics of the exchange were the check on technical condition of the vehicles and the load securing in the field of important control activities from point of view of road safety.

Moreover the exchange of the existing knowledge, work methods, experiences in the field of the social rules and AETR (driving and resting times) requirements, transport of dangerous goods (ADR provisions), axle load measurement and the discovery of tachograph frauds were all on the agenda as well.

The participants did familiarize themselves with the practical benefits of an industrial boroscope’s use in discovering frauds on a prepared shielded cable. The students actively participated in the virtual check exercise and in the analysis of the tachograph charts, printouts and breaking diagrams.

During the roadside controls the mobile technical inspection stations and axle load measurement equipment have been presented as well as the environmental measurement unit. At same time the participants had the opportunity to have an insight view into the operation of the PTI lines.

The success of the control action has clearly been demonstrated by the fact that several accident prone trucks have been filtered out, where faulty breaking system, non-appropriate load securing has been uncovered and devices serving the purpose of tachograph fraud have been identified.

As a closure the groups have made a presentation of 20 minutes each encompassing the skills acquired during the week, in which they also compared the Hungarian control practice with their own rules of procedure, furthermore they elaborated on their ideas as regards the future of roadside technical checks.

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