2nd regional concerted roadside check in Western Hungary

After the 1st such round of close regional cooperation succesfully initiated in Slovakia last September the National Transport Authority hosted a follow-up 2 days complex roadside check event 5th-6th April with the participation of the Croatian, Czech, Slovak and Slovenian inspectors in Győr-Moson-Sopron county, Hungary.

This time as seen on the following video clip the checks concentrated on mainly exchanging national practices around the most effective methods for detecting tachograph manipulations (at 3m00 into the clip) as well as conducting technical checks. At 0m57s into the clip operation of the otherwise HGV capable mobile testing station is demonstrated followed by expalanation of the brake testing results.


During the second day of the event check activities were also extended to cover ADR trucks and axle weight measurements.


The check sites were situated on transit corridors to/from Austria along major road no. 85 near the city of Győr for the 1st day and on the 6th April along the M15 freeway featuring traffic to/from Bratislava and further the Czech Republic. Interception of vehicles and in unique cases imposing sanction was assisted by the National Police, which otherwise also hold a wide scope of powers to check on Hungarian roads.

57 domestic and 44 foreign vehicles were inspected during the 2 days. Driving and resting times infringements have been established in approx. 50% of both aforementioned groups and two had manipulations devices onboard. Out of the 23 vehicles examined by mobile technical testing station in case of 4 vehicles braking systems defects were identified.


Published on
19/04/2013 - 13:59

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