Slovakian-Hungarian seminar on tachograph manipulations

On the invitation of the Slovak Labour Inspectorate the Hungarian Transport Authority with the kind support of Vas County Transport Inspectorate’s manipulation expert delivered in Malá Lucivna, Slovakia a 2 days training – 1st and 2nd June 2011 - on tachograph manipulations consisting of a theoretical and a practical block.

The theroretical element comprised 3 parts, first presenting on how to uncover cases known so far to us by pinpointing their place of installation and principle of operation. Secondly we discussed the procedure to follow during these specialized roadside checks and how to proceed exactly in discovering the manipulations and the use of the technical tools supporting it. Finally we have taken an insight look on the specific examination techniques for each type of trucks equipped with tachograph. The closure culminated in an active Q&A panel with a exchange of experiences.

Next day the practical part consisted of a roadside check to the North of Zilína – close to the Polish border - with the cooperation of the Slovakian Police also featuring their mobile technical testing station. The action has seen the inspection of 10 trucks out of which one’s driver has been found to manipulate by using a magnet. That has been confiscated on he spot and a procedure initiated.

Both sides considered the mission as a big success having managed to transmit a lot of new knowledge to each other and agreed in continuing our close cooperation.

Published on
15/07/2013 - 15:48

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