Czech-Slovenian-Hungarian joint action in Southwestern Hungary

As part of our yearly bilateral exchanges planned with the Czech colleagues we performed from the 27th to 29th June in Zala county a series of common roadside checks targeting mainly tachograph manipulations with the support of the local transport inspectorate as well as our manipulation expert. The first day also saw the involvement of our Slovenian counterpart, where the Lendava Police received already a theoretical training last summer from us.

Divided into 2 groups we iniatied the inspections on the M70 freeway as well as the Rédics border crossing, while operating only at former site for the other 2 days. On the second day we made good use of the brilliant lighting equipment of the Czech inspection units to exentend our afternoon check into the early hours of the evening.

Altogether 93 vehicles have been controlled and manipulation have been found in 6 cases over the course of the action, one them using a magnet. We also discovered several technical defects leading to 6 immobilizations, one truck’s brake disks have been found in such a serious condition we ordered it to be towed to the neareast workshop. Immedidate repairs on the spot took place in 10 cases. Insufficient cargo securing has been dectected at least twice, in one case necessitating the reloading the cargo.

Finally an informal closing dinner provided additional opportunity to further discuss our inspection methods, techniques and to lay down the basis for upcoming joint actions among which the next round is to be held in Czech Republic in September.

Published on
19/07/2013 - 14:43

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