Multilateral exchange Poland

This year Euro Contrôle Route multilateral exchange in Poland was held in Opole between 2nd and 7th September 2012. Exchange was focused on weight checks - dynamic and stationary check methods using pre-selection and impact of overloaded vehicles on the degradation of road infrastructure. Officers from Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Hungary Netherlands and Lithuania attended the exchange where they had an opportunity to participate in road side checks performed by polish inspectors.

During the first day of the exchange participants were given insight of the way the Polish road transport inspection is organized, what the procedures are and the equipment used in Poland.
An ECR representative gave a short presentation of Euro Contrôle Route.

The next two days focused on roadside checks. Participants were working on 3 different check points. Two of them were equipped with the weight in motion preselection system dedicated to weight and dimension checks. The third checkpoint was located on the A4 motorway. The A4 motorway is a major west–east transit route.

During the exchange colleagues from the Netherlands presented their new method for detecting manipulation in recording equipment and speed limiters. The Environment and Transport Inspection officers are now able to access the onboard computer and using service diagnostic equipment to obtain information that might indicate a fraud. Thanks to this method one magnet was found.

On Thursday 6th September participants exchanged information on national rules, procedures and equipment used during roadside checks of weight and dimension of vehicles. Participants discussed best practices in field of weight checks.

The exchange concluded the 7th September with a short summary of all activities of the week.
The Polish inspectorate thanks all participants for their proactive approach and attention and hope that participants will find the information gained during the exchange useful.

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21/09/2013 - 15:03

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