Multilateral exchange in Luxemburg

On average, more than 600 trucks per hour circulate on Luxembourg´s transit motorways - which entails a great deal of work for the 50 customs officials whose job is to keep a watchful eye on these heavy vehicles. 

Last year, they inspected an average of 5,000 trucks along the side of the motorways. Nearly one truck in 5 is found not to be in conformity on at least one point.
During the first week of October, the Customs Office invited to Luxembourg its colleagues from the 14 member states of the "Euro Contrôle Route" network for training sessions and workshops, in order to e.g. bring themselves up to date on nomenclatures, so as to be able to properly verify what’s being transported in the back of a trailer truck.
The heat, the stress and the ever-greater demands being imposed by employers in order to get a load to its destination as quickly as possible make it difficult for truck drivers to respect the regulatory driving and rest times ...


Published on
09/11/2013 - 12:11

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