Multilateral Cross border check

The action held from 4th to 6th June 2013 at Redics border crossing, as well as M7 and M70 freeways focused on complex inspections encompassing checks on compliance with nearly all transport regulations. Selection of vehicles has been facilitated by full closure of highways and the action again included a night check, this time focusing buses. Work of the inspectors has been assisted by mobile axle weighing scales for pre-filtering. This latter was useful indeed.

in finding transports with several types of infringements as problems are never an isolated occurence. Besides overloading and poor technical conditions cases, all sorts of manipulations (mainly with magnets and switches including a non-EU AETR truck from Eastern Europe) as well as as severe lack of load securing (even with ADR cargo onboard) have been observed on serveral vehicles. Therefore a EU regulation with binding obligation on cargo securing enforcement would have been welcome to efficiently prevent accidents. Last but not least a Hungarian truck with a stolen trailer featuring a fake number plate has been filtered out.  

The event has been opened by the government commissioner of Zala county, while on the last day of the checks
a Croatian deputy transport minister as well as heads of both Croatian and Slovenian transport inspectorates have payed a visit to acknowledge the succesful joint work. An agreement has been reached on the necessity to intensify the already fruitful bilateral cooperations as well as to push forward with more multilateral checks especially taking account the imminent EU accession of Croatia.

Result of the 3 days checks speak for themselves, for the 64 vehicles stopped administrative procedures have been initiated in 19 cases. 14% of vehicles were overloaded, out of 290 working days checked infringements have been found on 147 days, in 4 cases company checks have been requested from foreign authorites due to a highly likely fraudulent use of leave letters, while one transport was in breach of ADR rules.

The next multilatral event in Hungary is planned for autumn. 


Published on
18/07/2013 - 14:39

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