Czech cross border check

Concerned roadside check in Pardubice region was held during the 22 nd week. Fourteen inspectors from Slovakia (NIP), Hungary (NKH), Poland (ITD) and Germany (BAG) came to share their knowledge and practice. There were also 19 Czech inspectors from 8 mobile expert units (MEJ) in Pardubice region which normally operate at their own regions (one MEJ per one region).
As had been announced, the main topic was “the load security”. The roadside checks took place at 5 check points in one moment and 149 trucks or lorries were checked. Despite of the load security target, the checks were performed complexly including mechanical checks, weighting, driver hours and dangerous goods carriage.

In 89 cases the load security was checked and 25 of it (28 %) were not secured properly. It was clear, that 21 of all trucks had been worth to weight, so that 7 of them were overloaded or got over a dimension limit. What was wrong, it was a technical statement, because 67 trucks (47 %) were in poor technical condition. It shows, that maintain means are shorten a little and that the penalties for operation of trucks in such a poor condition are low.

Concerning to the driver hours, tachograph manipulations and ADR carriage, there were 29 infringements found during the week.
It seems to be very useful to hold similar events regularly, because of necessity of information exchange and discussion about the attitude to each part of roadside checks in other EU countries.

We spend a week in friendly atmosphere increasing our knowledge, exchanging contacts and doing a proper work to contribute to road safety.
So we are looking forward to the future meeting which is scheduled for the autumn this year.








Published on
18/07/2013 - 15:15

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