August 4th 2016

Euro Contrôle takes part in EU Executive Seminar ‘EU Road Transport: driving change for business

On July 11th ECR, represented by its General Delegate G.Schipper, took part in the seminar organized in the EU Summer University Institute in Florence. The seminar was organized on request of EU Transport Commissioner Bulc. It sought to work further on the findings of the stakeholder conference held in April and help prepare the EC transport related legislative proposals aiming to create a better functioning road transport sector, both in terms of costs, social conditions and from an environmental perspective.

June 24th 2015

How truckers are dicing with death by tricking with tachographs

The following articled appeared in the Irish national newspaper'The independent'

In light of the serious implications of tachograph fraud for road safety,the Road Safety Authority wanted to send out a clear message that fraud would not be tolerated and actively pursued.

December 5th 2013

Working group on checks of transport of dangerous goods

The Dutch Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate organized a three day event focused on ADR transport. The working group on checks of transport of Dangerous Goods by Road brought together ADR experts from across Europe (18 member states) to exchange practical knowledge and best practices for the roadside checks of ADR transport.

December 3rd 2013

Trilateral exchange in Opole Poland

From 18th to 22nd October in Opole (Poland) Polish Road Transport Inspection organized a Czech-German-Polish exchange of road transport enforcement organizations.

November 20th 2013

Bilateral exchange between the Netherlands and Germany

From October 28th until November 2nd the ninth bilateral exchange between the Netherlands and Germany took place in Leiden (NL). Seven inspectors from the German Bündesamt für Güterverkehr (BAG) and six colleagues from the Dutch Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILenT) took part.

November 9th 2013

Multilateral exchange in Luxemburg

During the first week of October, the Customs Office invited colleagues from 14 member states of the Euro Contrôle Route network for training sessions and workshops.

October 30th 2013

ECR-TISPOL Master Class on Digital Tachograph Fraud and Speed Limiter manipulation

Euro Contrôle Route (ECR) and TISPOL hosted the eigth master class on digital tachograph fraud in Osnabruck from October 22nd until 26th . The Osnabruck police chief and Mr. Maiwormfrom the BAG opened proceedings and in their opening speech stressed the importance of well trained enforcement staff in light of the ever increasing problem of tachograph manipulation.

October 23rd 2013


On October 18th Euro Contrôle Route (ECR), the European Traffic Police (TISPOL) and the International Road Union (IRU) organized a seminar on the ERRU register that will enter into force on January 1st 2013.

September 29th 2013

Practical day between TachoWebGroup and European Commission – DG Move

As a result of the contructive and open dialogue between the policy makers of the European Commission (EC) and the TWG working group of ECR/Tispol, the EC requested the TWG to organise a 1 day training on roadside checks on social legislation for professional raod transport.

September 21st 2013

Multilateral exchange Poland

This year Euro Contrôle Route multilateral exchange in Poland was held in Opole between 2nd and 7th September 2012. Exchange was focused on weight checks - dynamic and stationary check methods using pre-selection and impact of overloaded vehicles on the degradation of road infrastructure

September 21st 2013

TWG provides 3 training courses on enforcement

TWG provides 3 training courses on enforcement of the Digital Tachograph and methods of fraud and manipulation detection.

At the request of the project management of CASH , TWG has trained a first group of control officers in the Baltic Sea region. On September 7th and 8th the first training took place in Tallinn (Estonia). Three members of TWG trained 19 control officers on several aspects in the complex field of the Digital Tachograph enforcement.

September 16th 2013

Benelux countries tackle tachograph fraud during control in Dudelange

As part of a four day training organized by Euro Contrôle Route (ECR), Luxemburg customs officers, supported by seven experts from the Belgian federal police and Dutch traffic inspectorate (ILen T), checked HGV’s at the busy border crossing with France in Dudelange.